Tuthill Application Spotlight: Vacuum Sterilization

vacuum sterilization

Many items used in the medical field require sterilization to prevent the spread of infection. Before they can be used items including surgical tools, catheters, bandages, plastic containers, towels, and electronic components must sterilized. While steam is the conventional method used for sterilization, some items are not conducive to this type of sterilization. Vacuum sterilization with Ethylene Oxide (EtO) presents an alternative way to sterilize those items.In the vacuum sterilization process,all viable forms of microbial life, including bacterial spores are removed or destroyed.

The steam and EtO sterilization process uses a vacuum pump to evacuate the sterilization chamber. Ethylene oxide and steam humidity are introduced into the chamber, and then vacuum is systematically pulled down.As this happens, the ethylene oxide infiltrates the medical pouch and sterilizes the components inside.Vacuum boosters are added to the system to increase the volume and improve the cycle time.However, the vacuum pull down occurs in a gradual process, which can take up to three hours, to prevent damage to the pouch and its contents. Following the EtO injection process, a wash or purge is usually done with nitrogen.
vacuum sterilization
Tuthill vacuum boosters are paired with Tuthill’s KLRC525 and KLRC950 Kinney vacuum pumps to pull vacuum on an EtO sterilization process. Tuthill develops the industry’s best vacuum boosters and the KLRC liquid ring is ideal for challenging applications like ethylene oxide gas.

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