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Why Partner with Gasho for Your Temperature Control Systems?

Gasho is your experienced source for temperature control system solutions. We work with Delta T Systems, industry-leading temperature control specialist in process temperature control devices. Delta T Systems provides a variety of standard oil and water temperature control units as well as custom design capabilities. Our water-based and oil-based temperature control systems are currently providing […]

Gasho Partners with CCR Platforming® Fan Technology Leader to Provide Dependable Solutions

Continuous Catalyst Regeneration (CCR)® Platforming is used in oil reforming applications and allows for the continuous regeneration of a controlled quantity of catalyst used in refineries. Gasho serves CCR platforming needs by partnering with Howden Garden City Fan to offer RF2 radial fans. Garden City RF2 fans are ideally suited for CCR platforming applications. Howden […]

Gasho Partners with Howden to Deliver High Temperature Fans for the Toughest Applications

When it comes to fans developed for challenging applications, Gasho represents the best fan technology with high temperature fans from Howden Garden City.  For over a century, Garden City has developed high temperature fans and high temperature blowers that have established the industry standard.  Garden City high temperature fans are engineered to perform in the most extreme […]

Temperature Control Systems – Water and Oil

Water-based and oil-based temperature control systems provide reliable and efficient temperature control for a wide range of industrial applications. Water-based temperature control systems circulate water through the process application, while oil-based temperature control systems circulate high-temperature heat transfer fluid through the process application. The effectiveness of both of these types of temperature control systems is […]