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Gasho Serves Plastics Industry with Cost Saving Solutions

Gasho serves the plastics industry with a wide range of dependable equipment solutions from Tuthill Vacuum and Blower Systems and Ametek Rotron Regenerative Blowers. Our US made products provide the ideal solution to meet a variety of plastics manufacturing needs. Lifespan is the most common vacuum pump issue in plastics applications. High temperature environments, product […]

Gasho’s Role in Environmental Remediation

Increasing awareness of the detrimental impacts of pollution on health and the environment has led to the implementation of regulations and standards for safe management of pollutants and contaminants. Put forth by government regulatory agencies, these requirements are effective on both state and federal levels. It is essential that businesses abide by these requirements, not […]

Regenerative Industrial Blowers Ideal for High Air Pressure Applications

Gasho is proud to partner with AMETEK Dynamic Fluid Solutions to offer the ROTRON line of regenerative blowers. When your application requires high air pressures/vacuums, regenerative industrial blowers offer an effective solution that provides a variety of advantages. How Regenerative Industrial Blowers Work The design of a regenerative industrial blower is based on the regenerative […]

Regenerative Blowers for Environmental Applications

Regenerative blower technology is an effective, economical, and most importantly, environmentally efficient solution for a wide range of environmental applications. At Gasho, we are proud to feature AMETEK ROTRON regenerative blowers, which are made in the USA. AMETEK ROTRON is a world leader in regenerative blower technologies, with manufacturing facilities in Saugerties, New York.   […]