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Industrial Vacuum Pump Technologies from Gasho

A wide range of industries benefit from industrial vacuum pumps, including chemical, pharmaceutical, paper mills, food processing, power plants, and more. Technical advancements have led to more diverse and widespread use of specialized industrial vacuum pumps. Industrial vacuum pumps are used in vacuum systems for the removal of air and other gases from the vacuum […]

Tuthill Vacuum Application Spotlight: KTC60 and KTC112 Piston Pumps with Boosters

A large manufacturer builds compressors that go into refrigeration systems. After the compressor is built and mounted to the refrigeration system, the manufacturer pulls a vacuum on the compressor to remove all moisture, contaminants and air. Why is this vacuum evacuation so critical? Degassing and dehydration. Degassing removes non-condensibles which cause increased head pressures and […]

Tuthill Application Spotlight: Vacuum Sterilization

Many items used in the medical field require sterilization to prevent the spread of infection. Before they can be used items including surgical tools, catheters, bandages, plastic containers, towels, and electronic components must sterilized. While steam is the conventional method used for sterilization, some items are not conducive to this type of sterilization. Vacuum sterilization […]