i-Alert Eliminates Unplanned Downtime

i-Alert Replacable battery - app

The latest i-Alert is intrinsically safe and offers a replaceable battery.

Gasho, as part of Geiger Pump and Equipment, is proud to offer the safe and dependable i-Alert condition monitoring sensor for predictive maintenance. The I-Alert, bluetooth-enabled vibration sensor allows safe, remote and local monitoring of equipment. It features a user-friendly system that is capable of both alarming off-normal conditions and sophisticated automated diagnostics, with easily understood recommendations and reports.

The i-Alert provides near continuous monitoring of equipment, letting you see exactly when otherwise invisible issues begin. i-Alert’s free app analyzes data, flagging emerging, as well as urgent issues, and identifies the cause of those issues so maintenance activities can be planned. Unexpected downtime and emergency maintenance are avoided. Planned maintenance also allows timely ordering of parts, reducing the impact of supply chain disruption and avoiding extended downtime.

i-Alert Continuous Machine Monitoring

The i-Alert provides continuous machine monitoring through:

  • Early detection of machine failures
  • Vibration, temperature, run-time monitoring
  • Data logging with trend analysis
  • Advanced vibration analysis tools including FFTs, spectrum reports, and a rules engine capable of diagnosing all the most common modes of rotating equipment failure
  • Automated Analysis interprets data and provides recommendations
  • Instant access to machine records
  • Wireless syncing to mobile devices
  • Intrinsically safe rated for hazardous environments, including battery replacement in hazardous areas
  • Can be used on Fans, Blowers, Vacuum Pumps, Motors, Pumps, and more

Benefits of Using i-Alert Monitoring

I-Alert installed on a vacuum pump in for repair.

I-Alert installed on a vacuum pump in for repair.

Easy installation – You can begin monitoring your equipment in minutes with i-Alert. There are no power connections or wires to install; sensor installation supports threaded connection, epoxy or magnetic mounting. Simply download the free i-ALERT mobile app and follow the instructions to get started.

Smart technology – Once the i-ALERT is activated, it immediately begins monitoring your equipment. Its built-in edge computing processes vibration spectrum data provides in-depth analysis of the equipment health and delivers automated vibration analysis and diagnostics through the i-ALERT AI Platform.

Plug & Play – The i-ALERT Gateway provides a secure connection between the i-ALERT sensors and i-ALERT AI portal for 24/7 remote monitoring. Simply apply power, let the gateway automatically connect to the cellular network, and it will configure all the i-ALERT sensors in range.

Accuracy – The i-ALERT sensor was designed to accurately measure vibration in all three axes, from 4 to 5000 hz. It’s comparable to some of the most advanced vibration analysis tools in the market and can replace or supplement traditional wanding programs. Vibration diagnostics are easily accessible to smartphone or tablet users, and can be further stored and analyzed using the optional AI platform.

Ready to improve your operations with i-Alert monitoring? Contact Gasho to discuss your project!

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