Preventative Maintenance

Preventative Maintenance TeamGasho is committed to providing our customers with comprehensive services, including the assurance of reliability through preventative maintenance.

Gasho serves a wide variety of industries that require specific application processes. Our team plays an essential role in finding the best blower or vacuum pump to fit specific application needs.

We have also equipped and trained our team to analyze and record equipment performance on-site. Our experts possess thorough knowledge of the processes and challenges your system may be facing, and are equipped to determine your best possible equipment options.

Our Preventative Maintenance program is designed to assure your blower and vacuum systems deliver optimal, reliable performance.

Gasho Preventative Maintenance Key Benefits:

  • Reducing Operating Costs
  • Reducing Operating Sound Levels
  • Lowering Maintenance Costs
  • Improving Product Consistency
  • Stabilizing Vacuum Levels
  • Improving Reliability
  • Improving Safety
  • Reducing Downtime

Our team has been trained by our in-house technicians on best practices for taking proper equipment readings and evaluating potential exterior issues. 

They are also fully equipped for the job with field test kits that include amp meters, vibration pens, tachometers, and infrared thermometers.

Predictive Maintenance Backed by i-Alert

Gasho is proud to offer i-Alert to provide a safe and dependable condition monitoring system for predictive maintenance. The bluetooth-enabled i-Alert vibration sensor enables safe, remote, and local monitoring of equipment. This user-friendly system is capable of alarming off-normal conditions and providing sophisticated automated diagnostics in the form of easily understood recommendations and reports.

The i-Alert provides continuous machine monitoring through:

  • Early detection of machine failures
  • Vibration, temperature, run-time monitoring
  • Data logging with trend analysis
  • Advanced vibration analysis tools including FFTs, spectrum reports, and more
  • Automated Analysis interprets data and provides recommendations
  • Instant access to machine records
  • Wireless syncing to mobile devices
  • Intrinsically safe rated for hazardous environments
  • Can be used on Fans, Blowers, Vacuum Pumps, Motors, Pumps, and more

In addition to being your source for preventative maintenance, Gasho is your source for the industry’s best equipment. Our team here to assist you with system design and development, and other related needs. Contact us today to discuss your application.