Rental Packages

When you need a fast, dependable solution for your environmental issues or your industrial air and gas handling needs, Gasho rental packages are the perfect option. Gasho has a fleet of quality rental units on hand including blower and vacuum equipment designed to meet your specific application needs. Rental equipment packages from Gasho provide the advantages of:

  • Prompt access for short term use
  • Pilot study
  • No capital expenses; write off rental fees
  • No long term item storage in your facility
  • Flexible rental terms – weekly, monthly, yearly
  • Cost-effective short-term and long-term packages

If one of our existing packages does not meet your particular requirements, we will develop a custom rental unit to address your specific application. Our sales staff and technical experts are available to discuss how we can adapt packages to create a solution tailored for you.

Need a package for a custom application? Contact our team to produce a solution for your application at 610-692-5650.

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