Liquid Ring

Liquid Ring Industrial Vacuum PumpsGasho offers the quality MD-Kinney® line of liquid ring vacuum pumps from MD-Pneumatics Kinney.

These dependable vacuum pumps are an excellent choice for meeting the vacuum requirements of many industrial applications. Since the pump uses liquid as the sealing media, it is the perfect choice for wet processes including filtration, drying, condenser exhausting, and distillation.

Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump Features

AF Series Vacuum Pumps

The AF Series vacuum pumps features a compact, close-coupled design that eliminates the need for an interstate manifold or motor alignment. The increased water handling capability of these pumps prevents heat build-up, which extends life of mechanical seals.

  • “A” series single-stage pumps
  • “T” series two-stage pumps
  • Flat power curve over entire vacuum range prevents motor overload
  • Reduced stress on motor shaft and bearings
  • Not as susceptible to cavitation due to axial flow path

KLRC Series Vacuum Pumps

The KLRC Series of two-stage vacuum pumps are designed to achieve lower pressures than can be reached with single-stage pumps. Features include unsurpassed durability, even when used in dirty application environments.

  • Pumping Speed at Pressures Below 10 Microns. Lower than Attainable with Single-Stage Pumps
  • Flows from 5 – 15 CFM (8 – 25 m3/h)
  • Ultimate Pressure: .2 Microns (McLeod Gauge)
  • Can Operate at Any Pressure up to Atmosphere
  • Adjustable Gas Ballast Permits Handling of Condensable Vapors
  • No Metal-to-Metal Contact in Pumping Chamber
  • Air-Cooled

Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps Product Listing

AF Series Vacuum Pumps (expandcollapse)

ModelCFM / m3/hHP / kW

KLRC Series Vacuum Pumps (expandcollapse)

ModelCFM / m3/hHP / kW
KLRC 7570/1205/3.7
KLRC 100100/1707.5/5.5
KLRC 125130/22010/7.5
KLRC 200205/35015/11
KLRC 300300/51025/18.5
KLRC 525560/95050/37
KLRC 950990/1680100/75

Gasho will assist you in developing a liquid ring vacuum pump system that will best meet your specific application needs. Contact us to discuss your project.

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