Turnkey Solutions

Gasho offers standard blower packages as well as custom packages to suit your specific needs. We specialize in the fabrication of reliable standard and custom vacuum and blower packages. Gasho turnkey solutions with total system integration includes:

  • Design and Construction of Enclosures
  • Shipping Containers, Sheds and Mobile Trailers
  • Noise or Ambient-Sensitive Enclosures

Gasho continues to be the preferred source for customized acoustical enclosures when housing is required. Our housing sheds are built to specification with the necessary accessories and controls.

Waste Gas Blowers & Compressors

Gasho Custom Package Solutions Steps:

  • Expert Pre-Project Analysis
    We begin our analysis by determining the performance requirements of your system and the available inputs including: power, input liquid/gas, and controls/monitoring. We also consider additional constraints of your project, such as size, indoor/outdoor, allowable noise, operator access to components, and installation requirements.
  • Draft High Level Solution Package Quote
    Our experienced team details package components, identifies custom requirements, determines technical feasibility, and presents the project proposal to you for review and approval. We explain every detail and answer all of your questions.
  • Develop Detailed Project Design
    We develop drawings detailing the most efficient installer and user-friendly arrangement of your equipment, such as compact or modular options to best use available space. Design plans include: detailed electrical drawings, sequence of operation/controls, component selections, and a comprehensive testing plan. We review the complete system for internal coordination and submit the drawings and details for your review.
  • Complete Coordination of Equipment Fabrication
    We manage material procurement from qualified vendors, produce detailed instructions for shop use during fabrication, and coordinate the development of your equipment by our highly experienced fabricators.
  • Perform Factory Testing
    Prior to shipment, we test all of our equipment mechanically and electrically to assure efficient installation. All testing is thoroughly documented.
  • Provide Ongoing Support
    We provide operation and maintenance manuals, which include as-built drawings and details of system operation and maintenance. On-site or remote start-up assistance and on-site or virtual training sessions are also available. We provide comprehensive records and single source responsibility so you know who to call for support or service.

Some of our most commonly specified custom packaging solutions include systems for:

If you are looking for a comprehensive solution to meet specific application needs, contact us to discuss your Gasho custom package solution.

Reduce Equipment Downtime

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