Looking for Authorized Tuthill System Repair?

Gasho serves the northeast with authorized Tuthill vacuum pump and blower system repair services from their Avon, MA and West Chester, PA locations. Since acquiring NERC (NorthEast Repair Center) in 2017, Gasho has been serving the northeastern United States with dependable and timely repair services. Gasho provides system repairs from our locations in Avon, MA […]

Gasho’s Role in Environmental Remediation

Increasing awareness of the detrimental impacts of pollution on health and the environment has led to the implementation of regulations and standards for safe management of pollutants and contaminants. Put forth by government regulatory agencies, these requirements are effective on both state and federal levels. It is essential that businesses abide by these requirements, not […]

Introducing Scott Fenton

We’re so thrilled to announce our newest team member, Scott, to the Gasho team! As the new Regional Sales Representative, Scott will be focused on developing new business and taking care of and growing current accounts throughout the state of New Jersey. Scott is very attentive, prompt, and willing to go above and beyond to […]

Tuthill Vacuum Boosters

Many industrial applications for vacuum boosters require a deeper vacuum and increased volumetric flow, with pressures that vary from 0.1 to 100 mmHg.  These vacuum booster applications are commonly found in industrial sectors such as chemical, pharmaceutical, vacuum furnace, and steel degassing. The processes involve degassing, distillation, drying, freeze drying, transformer drying, metallurgical treatment, and […]

Effective Water Pollution Control

Any process that results in water being altered physically, chemically, or biologically in a way that results in it being harmful for humans or aquatic life is considered water pollution. Since the environmental impact of water pollution can be far-reaching and deadly, implementing effective water pollution control measures is essential.

Wastewater Treatment and Aeration Rental Solutions

Do you have a plan for emergency wastewater treatment or aeration needs?   If your wastewater treatment or aeration system unexpectedly fails, you may not have time for complicated and costly repairs. Fortunately, Gasho offers affordable and effective rental package wastewater treatment and aeration solutions available to quickly meet your needs. We have rental systems/rental […]

Centrifugal Blowers Spotlight Series: SMB/SMD Forward Curved Utility Blowers

The last post in our Spotlight Series on Centrifugal Blowers from Howden American Fan features SMB/SMD Forward Curved Utility Blowers.  These blowers are well-suited for exhaust or supply applications in medical facilities, laboratories, restaurants, schools, and other similar facilities that require ventilation capabilities in one complete, quiet, and efficient package. SMB/SMD Forward Curved Utility Blower […]

Centrifugal Blowers Spotlight Series: RB Pressure Blowers

This post in our Spotlight Series on Centrifugal Blowers from Howden American Fan features the RB Pressure Blower. Gasho partners with Howden to offer a large variety of pressure capabilities in these centrifugal blower models. RB pressure blowers are available as direct drive and belt driven fans with multiple housing and wheel design. The versatile […]

Centrifugal Blowers Spotlight Series: Turbo Pressure Blowers – N and OVP

The latest in our Spotlight Series on Centrifugal Blowers from Howden American Fan features N Turbo Pressure Blowers and OVP Turbo Pressure Blowers. Featuring heavy gauge continuously welded housings, these fans feature dynamically balanced wheels to assure smooth operation. Teflon shaft seals are standard. These turbo pressure blowers are also made with heavy-duty anti-friction pillow […]

Centrifugal Blowers Spotlight Series: Turbo Pressure Blowers – AVP and BC

This post in our Spotlight Series on Centrifugal Blowers from Howden American Fan features AVP Turbo Pressure Blowers and BC Backwardly Inclined Blowers. These turbo pressure blowers are made with heavy gauge continuously welded housings. Standard features include dynamically balanced wheels to assure smooth operation and Teflon shaft seals. American Fan turbo pressure blowers also […]