Troubleshooting Vacuum Pump Issues

Inability to reach the proper vacuum level can quickly bring productivity and processes to a halt. The first assumption is that there is a problem with the vacuum pump, but this is typically not where the issue lies. Three Common Vacuum Problems Not Caused By The Pump According to application engineering experts at MD-Kinney, there […]

Geiger Expands Gasho and NERC Capabilities with New Facility

In 2021, Gasho became a part of Geiger Pump & Equipment Company (Geiger), the Mid-Atlantic’s largest industrial pump and municipal process equipment solutions provider. Since then, both companies have expanded their reach and broadened their product and service offerings. The merger of Geiger and Gasho also included the Northeast Repair Center (NERC), a factory authorized […]

i-Alert Eliminates Unplanned Downtime

The latest i-Alert is intrinsically safe and offers a replaceable battery. Gasho, as part of Geiger Pump and Equipment, is proud to offer the safe and dependable i-Alert condition monitoring sensor for predictive maintenance. The I-Alert, bluetooth-enabled vibration sensor allows safe, remote and local monitoring of equipment. It features a user-friendly system that is capable […]

The NorthEast Repair Center expands capabilities in their new Aston, PA facility

ASTON, Pennsylvania – December 16, 2021 – The Northeast Repair Center (NERC), a factory authorized repair center for Tuthill MD-Pneumatics Blowers and Kinney Vacuum equipment and a leader in the repair of all brands of fans, blowers, and vacuum pumps, recently moved to Aston, PA. Earlier this year, Geiger Pump & Equipment Company (Geiger) acquired […]

Gasho Offering Expands with New Geiger Pump Lines

Gasho is proud to have become a part of Geiger Pump & Equipment Company (Geiger), the Mid-Atlantic’s largest industrial pump and municipal process equipment solutions provider. The acquisition, which occurred in March of this year, has allowed both companies to expand their reach and broaden their product and service offerings. Gasho’s product offering has expanded […]

Gasho Now Offers Oil-Free Scroll Technology from ANEST IWATA

Gasho is proud to partner with ANEST IWATA as a representative for their oil-free compressors and vacuum pump products. ANEST IWATA was the first in the world to develop air-cooled, oil-free scroll technology. They applied this patented scroll technology and incorporated it into a premium line of SL series oil-free compressors and all of their […]

Gasho Serves Plastics Industry with Cost Saving Solutions

Gasho serves the plastics industry with a wide range of dependable equipment solutions from Tuthill Vacuum and Blower Systems and Ametek Rotron Regenerative Blowers. Our US made products provide the ideal solution to meet a variety of plastics manufacturing needs. Lifespan is the most common vacuum pump issue in plastics applications. High temperature environments, product […]

Industrial Vacuum Pump Technologies from Gasho

A wide range of industries benefit from industrial vacuum pumps, including chemical, pharmaceutical, paper mills, food processing, power plants, and more. Technical advancements have led to more diverse and widespread use of specialized industrial vacuum pumps. Industrial vacuum pumps are used in vacuum systems for the removal of air and other gases from the vacuum […]