Tuthill Vacuum Application Spotlight: KTC60 and KTC112 Piston Pumps with Boosters

A large manufacturer builds compressors that go into refrigeration systems. After the compressor is built and mounted to the refrigeration system, the manufacturer pulls a vacuum on the compressor to remove all moisture, contaminants and air. Why is this vacuum evacuation so critical? Degassing and dehydration. Degassing removes non-condensibles which cause increased head pressures and […]

Why Partner with Gasho for Your Temperature Control Systems?

Gasho is your experienced source for temperature control system solutions. We work with Delta T Systems, industry-leading temperature control specialist in process temperature control devices. Delta T Systems provides a variety of standard oil and water temperature control units as well as custom design capabilities. Our water-based and oil-based temperature control systems are currently providing […]

Tuthill Application Spotlight: Drying and Recovery of Solvents Using SDV800 Dry Screw Pump

A wide range of segments is encompassed in the comprehensive chemical processing market. These include basic chemicals such as petrochemicals, plastics, rubber, dyes and pigments, printing inks; specialty chemicals such as paint, adhesives, flavors; as well as agricultural chemicals and consumer products. Tuthill pumps have been used in a wide range of chemical processing facilities […]

Gasho Looking for Summer Intern

Gasho, Inc. is looking for a summer intern with the following skills: Mechanical Aptitude/Mechanical Engineering Undergrad CAD and SolidWorks capabilities Detail oriented with organizational skills Duties will include computer drawing, upgrading existing drawings, electronic organization of existing files, etc. This will be a paid position with flexible hours; we are looking at approximately 30 hours/week. […]

Tuthill Application Spotlight – Industrial Waste Water Aeration

The problem of wastewater contamination is widespread due to the broad range of industrial processes involving water laced with chemicals, pollutants, harmful bacteria, and other environment-threatening material. While governments have put forth regulatory requirements for reducing wastewater contamination, the responsibility to solve this problem lies with individual businesses and self-regulation. Tuthill provides wastewater treatment solutions […]

Tuthill Application Spotlight: Pneumatic Conveying Using CP Series Blower

The versatile Tuthill CP Series Blower line has been used to develop efficient and effective process solutions for a wide range of industries. In a recent project, a Tuthill CP Series blower was recently used to develop a pneumatic conveying system for conveying dry cement. A large-scale poultry production and processing facility was being constructed, […]

Tuthill Application Spotlight: Vacuum Sterilization

Many items used in the medical field require sterilization to prevent the spread of infection. Before they can be used items including surgical tools, catheters, bandages, plastic containers, towels, and electronic components must sterilized. While steam is the conventional method used for sterilization, some items are not conducive to this type of sterilization. Vacuum sterilization […]

Howden Fan – The Choice for Industrial Applications

Gasho is proud to represent the best equipment for industrial applications, including dependable industrial fans. We partner with Howden American Fan Company to offer a fan selection that includes hundreds of different types, styles, and sizes of fans. This vast selection of industrial fans assures that we can develop an air movement solution to meet […]