Complete Ventilation Capabilities in One Quiet and Efficient Package

Gasho is proud to partner with Howden American Fan to offer high performance, dependable air movement solutions. Our SMB/SMD Forward Curved Utility Blowers provide an effective solution for exhaust or supply applications in medical facilities, laboratories, restaurants, schools, and other similar facilities that require ventilation capabilities in one complete, quiet, and efficient package. SMB/SMD Forward […]

Gasho is Your Source for Environmental Treatment Rental Packages

Gasho provides quality rental equipment including blower and vacuum products, for environmental treatment solutions. When you rent environmental treatment packages from Gasho, you will gain the advantages of: Prompt access for short-term use Pilot study No capital expenses; write off rental fees No long-term item storage in your facility Flexible rental terms – weekly, monthly, yearly […]

Gasho Partners with CCR Platforming® Fan Technology Leader to Provide Dependable Solutions

Continuous Catalyst Regeneration (CCR)® Platforming is used in oil reforming applications and allows for the continuous regeneration of a controlled quantity of catalyst used in refineries. Gasho serves CCR platforming needs by partnering with Howden Garden City Fan to offer RF2 radial fans. Garden City RF2 fans are ideally suited for CCR platforming applications. Howden […]

Gasho Partners with Howden to Deliver High Temperature Fans for the Toughest Applications

When it comes to fans developed for challenging applications, Gasho represents the best fan technology with high temperature fans from Howden Garden City.  For over a century, Garden City has developed high temperature fans and high temperature blowers that have established the industry standard.  Garden City high temperature fans are engineered to perform in the most extreme […]

Tuthill Blowers Provide Steam Compression Solutions

Smart industrial operations look for ways to reduce waste and decrease expenses. Gasho recommends Tuthill M-D Pneumatics blowers for steam compression solutions to accomplish both goals at once. It is common for industrial operations running processes that require intermediate-pressure steam (20 – 25 psig) to meet those needs by letting down high-pressure steam across a […]

Gasho Partners with Tuthill to Provide Landfill Solutions

Energy costs continue to rise. As the focus on environmental concerns grows, there is more costly regulation of the processes being used to produce energy. At the same time, municipal landfills are surpassing capacity, so experts are looking at ways to use decomposing organic waste. Tuthill M-D PneumaticsTM rotary positive displacement blowers are playing an […]

Seven Ways Gasho and Tuthill Serve the Food and Beverage Industry

Gasho helps customers in the food and beverage industry stay on top of ongoing industry changes. Our team has extensive experience and application expertise, including food processing technology solutions. Our systems assure that food products and processes are safe, clean, compliant, and energy efficient. Gasho partners with Tuthill to serve a wide range of applications […]

Looking for Authorized Tuthill System Repair?

Gasho serves the northeast with authorized Tuthill vacuum pump and blower system repair services from their Avon, MA and West Chester, PA locations. Since acquiring NERC (NorthEast Repair Center) in 2017, Gasho has been serving the northeastern United States with dependable and timely repair services. Gasho provides system repairs from our locations in Avon, MA […]

Gasho’s Role in Environmental Remediation

Increasing awareness of the detrimental impacts of pollution on health and the environment has led to the implementation of regulations and standards for safe management of pollutants and contaminants. Put forth by government regulatory agencies, these requirements are effective on both state and federal levels. It is essential that businesses abide by these requirements, not […]

Introducing Scott Fenton

We’re so thrilled to announce our newest team member, Scott, to the Gasho team! As the new Regional Sales Representative, Scott will be focused on developing new business and taking care of and growing current accounts throughout the state of New Jersey. Scott is very attentive, prompt, and willing to go above and beyond to […]