Soil Remediation

Regenerative environmental blower sub-slab vacuum skids with fiberglass enclosures

Soil remediation refers to strategies employed for the purification and revitalization of soil. Soil remediation is often done in conjunction with other environmental remediation efforts, including air injection and water purification.

Soil remediation projects are usually prompted by directives issued by the Environmental Protection Agency. A variety of methods are used for soil remediation , and are usually based on the type of contamination that needs to be addressed. The goal of soil remediation is to prevent the escalation of risks associated with pollution of the environment. Proactively addressing contamination with soil remediation helps to address environmental threats while they are manageable.

Gasho specializes in soil remediation strategies involving soil vapor extraction and dual phase extraction. We focus on developing the best customized equipment for each project we engineer.


Soil Vapor Extraction

Inside of shed enclosure with SVE (soil vapor extraction) and sparge rotary lobe system with manifoldsSoil vapor extraction is a soil remediation process used on-site to manage volatile contaminants in unsaturated soil. Also known as soil venting or vacuum extraction, the soil vapor extraction process transforms solid and liquid contaminants into gas or vapor form, which can be collected and contained. The contaminated elements are treated before disposal, per applicable regulations.

Dual Phase Extraction

Dual-Phase-Trailer-with-OWS,-HEXDual-phase extraction is another on-site soil remediation technique, which employs the use of high vacuum pumps to remove contaminants. Also referred to as multi-phase extraction, vacuum-enhanced extraction, or bioslurping, dual phase extraction eliminates combinations of contaminated groundwater, separate-phase petroleum product, and hydrocarbon vapor from the subsurface. Contaminated liquids and vapor are typically treated and collected for disposal according to state regulations.

Custom Remediation Solutions by Gasho

Gasho is an expert in creating custom systems for an array of environmental needs. We fully understand the requirements and limitations of the necessary equipment along with the need to be customer friendly for operation and service. requirements of the EPA and make sure meeting them is easy for our customers. To learn more about the custom solutions and packages Gasho offers contact us today!

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