Gasho Provides Soil Remediation Solutions

Soil contamination occurs when pollutants compromise the natural soil environment. The primary concern associated with soil contamination is the harm it can cause to human health. There are significant health risks associated with direct contact with contaminated soil, the vapors from the contaminants, and secondary contamination of water supplies.

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A variety of strategies are used to revitalize and purify the soil. This process is referred to as soil remediation, and is part of a comprehensive environmental remediation effort. Soil remediation often occurs in conjunction with comparable strategies to purify air and water, with the goal of promoting the ecological balance of the planet.

Soil remediation programs are usually developed and guided by governmental regulatory agencies. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) issues the directives concerning requirements and approaches to soil remediation in the United States.

Several types of soil remediation methodologies can be deployed to reclaim and refresh contaminated soil. The strategy used will be typically based on determining what approach will be most effective in dealing with the nature of the contamination. Further considerations include how a given method will affect the surrounding environment, and to what degree the soil remediation effort will be effective. In many cases a given area of land will undergo more than one soil remediation operation if multiple contaminants are present.

Gasho specializes in selecting and supplying soil remediation equipment involving soil vapor extraction and dual phase extraction.

Soil vapor extraction is a soil remediation process used on-site to manage volatile contaminants in unsaturated soil. Also known as soil venting or vacuum extraction, the soil vapor extraction process transforms solid and liquid contaminants into gas or vapor form, which can be collected and contained. The pollutants are treated prior to disposal, per applicable regulations.

Dual-phase extraction is an on-site soil remediation technique that involves the use of high vacuum pumps to remove contaminants. Also referred to as multi-phase extraction, vacuum-enhanced extraction, or bioslurping, dual phase extraction eliminates combinations of contaminated groundwater, separate-phase petroleum product, and hydrocarbon vapor from the subsurface. Once treated and collected, the contaminated liquids and vapor are disposed of per to state regulations.

Gasho also has extensive experience and expertise in creating custom systems for a variety of environmental needs. Our team has a thorough understanding of the requirements and capabilities of the necessary equipment, as well as meeting requirements of the EPA. To learn more about the custom solutions and packages Gasho offers contact us today!

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