Gasho Provides Online Resources in Engineer’s Toolbox

Engineer's toolboxIn our years of experience developing blower and vacuum solutions to meet air handling needs, we have learned that having the right tools on hand is essential. Our team has compiled a bank of what we have found to be the most frequently used reference information. You can find this information in the Engineer’s Toolbox section of our website. We have created this space to provide an easy-to-use online resource center for commonly needed engineering information.

Whether you need help with determining the size of a vacuum pump, or need to reference standard engineering conversions, you will find what you need in the toolbox.

Gasho’s Engineer’s Toolbox includes:

Application Engineering Basics
This comprehensive reference sheet includes basic terminology, a density correction chart, temperature conversion chart, and more. You can download and print this sheet, or better yet, bookmark it in your browser, so you will always know where to find it.

Gasho’s Vacuum Pump Sizing Sheet
Make the vacuum pump sizing process easy with this step-by-step form. This form allows you to specify the best vacuum pump for your application needs, without ever missing a critical detail.

Handy Conversion Calculator
This convenient conversion calculator is a downloadable tool that provides a quick resource for generating frequently used computations.

MD Oil Quantity by Model
Guide for reordering MD oil for your Tuthill products.

Tuthill Lubricants
This guide provides an in-depth look at Tuthill’s MD full synthetic lubricants, specifically formulated and the only lubricant recommended for use in Tuthill’s high-performing blowers and boosters.

Vacuum System Troubleshooting
This whitesheet which explains the causes of common vacuum system problems and how to address them.

In addition to being your source for the industry’s best equipment, the Gasho team here to assist you with system design and development, and other related needs. Contact us today to discuss your application.

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