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Clean Water Solutions from Gasho and Tuthill

The problem of wastewater contamination is highly prevalent due to the wide range of industrial processes involving water laced with chemicals, pollutants, harmful bacteria, and other environment-threatening material. While governments have put forth regulatory requirements for reducing wastewater contamination, the responsibility to solve this problem lies with individual businesses and self-regulation. Gasho partners with Tuthill […]

Wastewater Treatment – Packaged Solutions

When it comes to the health and safety of our communities and the preservation of our environment, freshwater supply is essential. For this reason, The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has enacted the Clean Water Act (CWA), which includes guidelines and regulations for specific categories of industrial water pollution sources. While there is still […]

Gasho Partners with CCR Platforming® Fan Technology Leader to Provide Dependable Solutions

Continuous Catalyst Regeneration (CCR)® Platforming is used in oil reforming applications and allows for the continuous regeneration of a controlled quantity of catalyst used in refineries. Gasho serves CCR platforming needs by partnering with Howden Garden City Fan to offer RF2 radial fans. Garden City RF2 fans are ideally suited for CCR platforming applications. Howden […]

Gasho Partners with Howden to Deliver High Temperature Fans for the Toughest Applications

When it comes to fans developed for challenging applications, Gasho represents the best fan technology with high temperature fans from Howden Garden City.  For over a century, Garden City has developed high temperature fans and high temperature blowers that have established the industry standard.  Garden City high temperature fans are engineered to perform in the most extreme […]

Seven Ways Gasho and Tuthill Serve the Food and Beverage Industry

Gasho helps customers in the food and beverage industry stay on top of ongoing industry changes. Our team has extensive experience and application expertise, including food processing technology solutions. Our systems assure that food products and processes are safe, clean, compliant, and energy efficient. Gasho partners with Tuthill to serve a wide range of applications […]

Centrifugal Blowers Spotlight Series: Turbo Pressure Blowers – N and OVP

The latest in our Spotlight Series on Centrifugal Blowers from Howden American Fan features N Turbo Pressure Blowers and OVP Turbo Pressure Blowers. Featuring heavy gauge continuously welded housings, these fans feature dynamically balanced wheels to assure smooth operation. Teflon shaft seals are standard. These turbo pressure blowers are also made with heavy-duty anti-friction pillow […]

Centrifugal Blowers Spotlight Series: Turbo Pressure Blowers – AVP and BC

This post in our Spotlight Series on Centrifugal Blowers from Howden American Fan features AVP Turbo Pressure Blowers and BC Backwardly Inclined Blowers. These turbo pressure blowers are made with heavy gauge continuously welded housings. Standard features include dynamically balanced wheels to assure smooth operation and Teflon shaft seals. American Fan turbo pressure blowers also […]

Lisbon Charter for Water Regulation Gains Support

International government representatives attending the 7th World Water Forum , held last month in Daegu, Korea, have agreed to adopt the Lisbon Charter for public policy and the regulation of water and wastewater management. Developed by water regulators from around the world and the International Water Association, the Lisbon Charter is an international standard of […]

Gasho Announces Association with Ruwac

Gasho is proud to announce its new association with Ruwac, one of the finest industrial vacuum manufacturers. Ruwac creates amazing industrial vacuums and specializes in making hazardous location equipment for combustible dust. They are a unique company that let’s the world know, “we specialize in industrial vacuums and only industrial vacuums”. Their quality driven and […]