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Clean Water Solutions from Gasho and Tuthill

The problem of wastewater contamination is highly prevalent due to the wide range of industrial processes involving water laced with chemicals, pollutants, harmful bacteria, and other environment-threatening material. While governments have put forth regulatory requirements for reducing wastewater contamination, the responsibility to solve this problem lies with individual businesses and self-regulation. Gasho partners with Tuthill […]

Gasho Rental Packages Provide Cost-Effective Option for Environmental Treatment

Gasho rental systems/rental packages include systems for wastewater treatment and aeration, ranging in performance from 125 SCFM to 500 SCFM. When a wastewater treatment or aeration system unexpectedly fails, there might not be time for complicated and costly repairs. Gasho offers a simple and affordable solution in the form of effective rental package wastewater treatment […]

Gasho is Your Source for Environmental Treatment Rental Packages

Gasho provides quality rental equipment including blower and vacuum products, for environmental treatment solutions. When you rent environmental treatment packages from Gasho, you will gain the advantages of: Prompt access for short-term use Pilot study No capital expenses; write off rental fees No long-term item storage in your facility Flexible rental terms – weekly, monthly, yearly […]

A Thoughtful Approach to Groundwater Treatment

Groundwater contamination occurs as a result of a wide range of waste producing processes. Contaminated groundwater can present a serious threat to public health, due to the toxicity of chemicals and pollutants involved. A variety of groundwater remediation solutions have been developed to avert the damaging impact of contaminated groundwater. In order to ensure the […]

What is Soil Remediation?

Soil remediation refers to a collection of strategies designed to purify and revitalize the soil. Part of a comprehensive effort referred to as environmental remediation, soil remediation works in concert with similar efforts to purify air and water, with the objective of optimizing the ecological balance of the planet. Many countries, including the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, […]

Wastewater Treatment Solutions with Gasho

Freshwater supply and safely treated wastewater are absolutely vital to our individual health and safety, as well as the preservation of our global environment. In order to address the issue, The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has issued guidelines and regulations for categories of industrial sources of water pollution under the Clean Water Act (CWA). While we may have a […]

Regenerative Blowers for Environmental Applications

Regenerative blower technology is an effective, economical, and most importantly, environmentally efficient solution for a wide range of environmental applications. At Gasho, we are proud to feature AMETEK ROTRON regenerative blowers, which are made in the USA. AMETEK ROTRON is a world leader in regenerative blower technologies, with manufacturing facilities in Saugerties, New York.   […]

Subslab Depressurization for Vapor Intrusion Issues

Vapors from volatile organic contamination in soil or ground water can enter nearby homes and other buildings through openings like foundation cracks and holes, causing serious issues for the structure and its inhabitants. Since air pressure in most homes and buildings is usually lower than the pressure in the surrounding soil, vapors may be drawn […]