Clean Water Solutions from Gasho and Tuthill

wastewater treatment solutions ebook
The problem of wastewater contamination is highly prevalent due to the wide range of industrial processes involving water laced with chemicals, pollutants, harmful bacteria, and other environment-threatening material. While governments have put forth regulatory requirements for reducing wastewater contamination, the responsibility to solve this problem lies with individual businesses and self-regulation. Gasho partners with Tuthill to develop wastewater treatment solutions that manage contamination and allow clean water to be returned to the environment, while allowing businesses to also remain productive and profitable.

Gasho has developed a wide range of wastewater treatment solutions using Tuthill blower and vacuum technology. Our blower system designs reliably treat wastewater throughout multiple stages of the wastewater management process. Our innovative Tuthill blower packages pump air through wastewater, promoting the aerobic digestion of organics and facilitating a way to control the BOD (biological oxygen demand) involved in the process. The movement of wastewater and sludge through the treatment system, as well as the control odors and digester gases is dependably managed using Tuthill blowers.

The Gasho team develops custom packaged solutions for wastewater treatment that employ the most dependable regenerative blowers, positive displacement blowers, and rotary claw vacuum pumps and compressors. Our comprehensive approach includes system evaluation, design assistance, installation, on-site service, and replacement parts. In addition to dependable standard packages, we can create custom blower and vacuum packages designed to meet specific needs, particularly unique applications that require special considerations.

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