Seven Ways Gasho and Tuthill Serve the Food and Beverage Industry

Food Industry BlowerGasho helps customers in the food and beverage industry stay on top of ongoing industry changes. Our team has extensive experience and application expertise, including food processing technology solutions. Our systems assure that food products and processes are safe, clean, compliant, and energy efficient.

Gasho partners with Tuthill to serve a wide range of applications within the food and beverage industry with MD Pneumatics™ blowers and Kinney vacuum pumps. The following are seven ways Tuthill pumps and blowers are successfully used in food and beverage industry applications.


Vacuum pumps are commonly used in bottling processes to equalize pressure and fluid movement. Vacuum pumps are also effective for the removal of contaminants from consumable bottled beverages. In breweries, beer bottles have carbon dioxide injected into them to reduce the level of oxygen inside the bottle. As the bottle is filled with beer, the filler may also inject a small amount of inert gas on top of the beer, dispersing the oxygen.

Dairy Milking

Automated milking systems are capable of milking up to 200 dairy cows per hour. A blower or vacuum pump is often integrated into these complex milking systems to help draw and transfer the milk from the cows to a receiving tank.

Packaging and Handling

Blowers provide an effective alternative solution in low vacuum packaging and handling applications. A Gasho representative can review a comparison of blowers versus vacuum pumps with you to identify a solution that will provide the highest level of reliability and efficiency for your process.

Pharmaceutical Packaging

Vacuum pumps provide an effective solution for packaging pills in blister packs or Push-Through-Packs. These packs are produced by a form-fill-seal process.

Pneumatic Conveying

Dry bulk material can be efficiently transferred at varying pressures and vacuum levels through the use of Tuthill positive displacement blowers. Dry bulk material could include products such as flour, corn meal, spices, whole grains, soy meal or meat by-products within the food industry.


A variety of products are now packaged in a process called thermoforming, which involves sealing products between plastic film sheets or into preformed trays. Thermoforming greatly increases packaging production speed. Heated plastic sheets are positioned over a forming die to create a container. Once cooled, product is placed into these containers and evacuation is used as the top film is heated and sealed to the container.

Vacuum Packaging

Vacuum packaging has been revolutionary in terms of extending shelf life of food products. In addition to vacuum pumps facilitating the removal of air from the package, they are also effective for the removal of water vapor, fat and granular materials like seasonings. In the chamber packaging process, food is placed inside a vacuum bag and loaded into a packaging chamber. Air is evacuated and the bag is heat-sealed.

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