Gasho Rental Packages Provide Cost-Effective Option for Environmental Treatment

rental equipmentGasho rental systems/rental packages include systems for wastewater treatment and aeration, ranging in performance from 125 SCFM to 500 SCFM. When a wastewater treatment or aeration system unexpectedly fails, there might not be time for complicated and costly repairs. Gasho offers a simple and affordable solution in the form of effective rental package wastewater treatment and aeration solutions. These turnkey solutions are available to quickly meet your needs.

In addition to emergency situations, Gasho wastewater treatment and aeration rental packages provide an ideal short-term or long-term solution for planned needs. Our rental packages provide the benefits of prompt access, no capital expense, as well as tax deductible rental fees. You can rent weekly, monthly, or yearly with Gasho flexible rental terms – choose the terms that best meet your specific needs.

We stock a wide variety of environmental treatment rental packages, but if one of our existing packages does not meet your needs, we can customize a rental package for you. Our rental experts are available to discuss how we can modify parts to produce a solution that addresses your specific requirements.

To learn more about our rental packages and custom solutions, contact Gasho today!