Gasho is Your Source for Environmental Treatment Rental Packages

Gasho provides quality rental equipment including blower and vacuum products, for environmental treatment solutions. When you rent environmental treatment packages from Gasho, you will gain the advantages of:

  • Prompt access for short-term use
  • Pilot study
  • No capital expenses; write off rental fees
  • No long-term item storage in your facility
  • Flexible rental terms – weekly, monthly, yearly
  • Cost-effective short-term and long-term packages

We offer a wide variety of environmental treatment rental package solutions. If one of our existing packages does not meet your requirements, we are ready and equipped to develop a custom rental package that addresses your specific needs. Our rental team is available to discuss how we can modify parts to produce a solution specifically suited for your application.

Looking for a permanent solution? Gasho custom and standard packaging with total system integration includes:

  • Design and Construction of Enclosures
  • Shipping Containers, Sheds, and Mobile Trailers
  • Noise or Ambient-Sensitive Enclosures

Some of our most commonly specified custom packaging solutions include systems for:

Whether you need a rental package or a permanent solution, Gasho is your source for a comprehensive solution to meet your unique application needs. Contact us to discuss your project.