Gasho Product Spotlight: Lone Star DT Series Gearless Turbo Blower

The best blower and vacuum equipment solutions for industrial applications are available from Gasho. Our comprehensive selection includes leading blower technologies from Lone Star Blower. Lone Star offers the largest product range (20 to 1,000hp) of gearless turbo blowers and with over 3,000 units installed.

DT Series Gearless Turbo Blower DT Series Gearless Turbo Blower

  • 20 to 500 HP / 15 to 375 kw
  • 150 to 15,000 SCFM / 675 to 25,000 m3;h
  • 2 to 20 PSI / 0.1 to 1.4 bar


  • Efficiency – 20 to 40% more energy efficient offers less than 3 year payback
  • Low noise – 75 to 85 dba
  • Small footprint – typically uses 1/3 the floor space of existing technologies
  • Low maintenance – no lubrication, alignment or scheduled maintenance beside filter change
  • Easy installation – just add power
  • 12 Models – options to suit any application

Completely Integrated Control Systems
On board control safely operates the blower system and can integrate with any network. Easy to interface and operate.

integrated control systems on DT Series gearless turbo blower

Air Bearing Technology
Nano Silver Coating on the bearing surface combined with triple stage heat treatment offers the longest start/stop guarantees in the world with over 100,000 stop/starts.

Permanent Magnet High Speed Motor
High speed permanent magnet motors offer superior efficiency at partial load as compared to traditional induction motors. The patented NO-0675821 forced cooling systems of the motors allow a longer life, even in the hottest environments.

Aerodynamic Perfection
Impeller design achieves three targets. Wide turndown, stable rise to surge, and high efficiency. Five axis machining of forged aluminum with a final anodized coating for performance and hardness.

Cooling System
Completely integrated and self cooling without the use of additional fans. Inlet air to the compressor drives all cooling air through the motor and VFD while heated air is discharged separately to improve overall efficiency. Patent No. 10-0675821

The Gasho team works hard to assure the success of every industrial project. Our commitment to quality solutions begins with using only the best equipment from trusted manufacturers, like Lone Star Blower.