Gasho Product Spotlight: Lone Star Geared Turbo Blower

Gasho works hard to offer the best blower and vacuum equipment solutions for industrial applications. Our dependable line includes leading blower technologies from Lone Star Blower. Lone Star Blower is an ISO 9001 manufacturer of geared, gearless and multistage turbo blowers.

Integrally Geared Single Stage Turbo Blower 50 to 6,000 hp

Gasho & Lone Star's Geared Turbo Blower

Geared Blower Features

  • High aerodynamic efficiency through entire flow range
  • Constant Speed (Variable Speed Optional)
  • Turndown to 40% of design flow at constant speed
  • Variable flow by means of variable discharge diffuser vanes, pre-rotational inlet guide vanes
  • Sleeve Bearings for long life and minimal maintenance
  • Oil Free Compression
  • Low operating and maintenance costs
  • API 617 Compliant Options

Combination Vane Control

Combination vane control maintains 95% of design efficiency in almost the entire range of operation. This enhances the advantages of both the variable vane diffuser and inlet guide vane systems. A higher design efficiency is also maintained over a wider range of air flow and ambient temperature than any other control system.

Backward-Swept Blades allow Safer Operation

Lone Star employs backward swept impeller design that puts the peak efficiency on a stable part of the curve. Having a higher rise to surge allows safer operation through entire range.
Radial or forward swept impellers operate most efficiently at near surge conditions.

backward swept impeller peak efficiency graph

The Lone Star Geared Blower is available as a complete package. All accessories including motor, control panel, special designed inlet filter all pre engineered as a working system. Optional sound enclosure can be added for noise sensitive environments.

The Gasho team works hard to assure the success of every industrial project. Our commitment to quality solutions begins with using only the best equipment from trusted manufacturers, like Lone Star Blower.