Tuthill’s Line of MD Full Synthetic Lubricants Assure Optimal Performance

Tuthill positive displacement blowers and boosters have a worldwide reputation for superior quality. Backing up that reputation for performance is Tuthill’s line of MD full synthetic lubricants. These lubricants are specifically formulated for use in Tuthill’s high-performing blowers and boosters.

Tuthill MD One Full Synthetic Oil

Improper lubrication is one of the main causes of blower and booster failures. Specific formulation, especially in high temperature conditions, enables MD lubricants to promote the highest quality of operation and a longer life over mineral oil or semi-synthetic lubricants.

MD Lubricants Benefits:

  • Often operating at temperatures near 300°F, positive displacement blowers and boosters require a full synthetic lubricant that is blended to ensure maximum performance and product life.
  • Allows for greater film strength at higher temperatures and decreased viscosities at low temperatures for minimal friction and better lubrication.
  • MD full synthetic lubricants provide better rust and corrosion protection for increased equipment life and has the highest 1A rating for copper corrosion under ASTM D130.
  • MD full synthetic lubricants contain a formulation of anti-wear and anti-foaming additives specially designed to extend the life of Tuthill blowers and boosters.
  • MD full synthetic lubricants can last up to 5 times longer than mineral oil and twice as long as many semi-synthetic lubricants, meaning fewer oil change intervals, reduced down time, and greater cost savings.
  • MD full synthetic lubricants have an average oil life of 8,000 hours at temperatures up to 220°F compared with mineral oils that oxidize at temperatures as low as 160°F, for an oil life of 1,500 hours.
  • MD lubricants substantially reduce power consumption by minimizing gear and bearing friction, resulting in improved efficiency.

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