Tuthill Application Spotlight: Aircraft Cabin Pressure Testing

Tuthill blowers assist in aircraft cabin pressure testing

Whenever we think about the science behind modern flight, we marvel at the idea of what it takes to get a 300-ton aircraft off the ground and soaring through the skies. But there are other scientific factors involved with the miracle of modern air travel that we tend to take for granted, one of which is our ability to breathe comfortably at high altitudes while in flight.

At sea level, our bodies enjoy 14.7 psi of air which gives us the perfect amount of oxygen. Once we board a jet aircraft and it climbs in altitude, however, the amount of air pressure that acts on our bodies quickly changes as the molecules of air are spread out. The pressure drops to 7.3 psi at 18,000 feet and decreases even further at 30,000 feet to less than 4 psi.

Pressurization leaks occur within the engine chassis and result in decreased engine performance, as well as increased ITT (Interstage Turbine Temperature) and fuel flow. A tight cabin is necessary for the safety and comfort of passengers onboard a jet aircraft. In order to achieve the proper air pressure within the cabin, the air pressure must be tested.

A high quality, extremely reliable, easy to operate system was needed to perform cabin pressure testing of their equipment while planes were sitting in a hanger. An Australia manufacturer has designed and developed an Aircraft Cabin Pressurization Test Rig using a Tuthill 3003 blower and a 7.5KW (10HP) motor. The system performs cabin pressure testing on any pressurized aircraft up to a cabin maximum differential pressure. The unit provides instrumentation and a controllable air supply for checking cabin leakage and for function testing of other pressurization components such as outflow valves, gauges and door seals.

Tuthill 3003 blower

The Tuthill 3003 blower was used with an operation of 80 CFM @ 7 PSI (136 M3/hr @ 48 Kpa), including a discharge pressure switch for elimination of accidental over pressurization of the aircraft hull.

Tuthill CP Series 3003 Blower features include:

  • Triple lip seals standard on all models
  • Sight glasses standard on all models
  • Magnetic drain plugs standard on all models
  • Timed with precision helical gears, keyed to the rotor shafts
  • Include double-row ball bearings at the gear end
  • Rotors with integral shafts
  • Reduced noise versions available with tri-lobe rotors
  • Bi-directional rotation
  • Dual oil splash lubrication at both gear and drive ends available on some models
  • Designed to be interchangeable with equivalent size Roots Universal RAI® and many Sutorbilt® Legend® blowers

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