Pollution Control Solutions from Gasho and Howden Fan

Howden Product CatalogIn the development of systems for managing pollution control, Gasho partners with Howden American Fan for dependable air movement solutions.

Air Pollution Control
Howden blowers are commonly used on the clean side of the dust collectors to draw contaminated air across the filter bags so that clean air can be exhausted. Fans used for scrubber applications are usually made using special corrosion resistant coatings or material alloys. In foundries, or similar harsh environments, scrubbers are used to clean severely contaminated air. When corrosive contaminants are involved, Howden stainless steel fans and blowersare specified to assure reliability and performance.

Forced Draft Fans
These fans are usually employed on the clean side of the process. Contaminated air does not actually go through forced draft fans. One example of a forced draft fan would be a backward inclined fan used on the clean side of a dust collector to draw the dirty air through the collector and across filter bags. Dust is collected and clean air is exhausted. Howden model BCA and BCS fans are well suited for these applications.

Odor Control
The movement of air through an odor-absorber scrubber is effective for the control and capture of odors. Howden fans provide a selection of shaft seal types as well as low leakage construction, which prevents the emission of odors from the fan. When processes also involve corrosive air, a variety of construction materials and special coatings are available.

Oxidizers are designed specifically for the destruction of volatile organic compounds. Thermal oxidizers using regenerative catalytic technology return energy after incineration. The incinerator design may require forced draft or induced draft fans.

Ground Water Remediation
Air strippers are commonly used to clean contaminated water. Part of the process involves contaminated water flowing over slanted trays or troughs in a tank. A blower is used to inject air into the water, leading to the formation of bubbles that separate the VOCs from the water so they can be exhausted or treated. Howden pressure blower models AF, Turbo Pressure Blowers, and RB Pressure Blowers are commonly used for this application.

Air is injected into a body of water to initiate the process of aeration. A fan or blower injects the air, causing bubbles to form in the water. Aeration systems are commonly employed in waste water treatment facilities to remove VOC’s and to enhance the aerobic digestion of organics. High pressure, special alloy blowers are typically required.

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