Tuthill Application Spotlight: Pneumatic Conveying Using CP Series Blower

CP Series Blower

The versatile Tuthill CP Series Blower line has been used to develop efficient and effective process solutions for a wide range of industries. In a recent project, a Tuthill CP Series blower was recently used to develop a pneumatic conveying system for conveying dry cement.

A large-scale poultry production and processing facility was being constructed, which would include a cement batch plant for the local production of cement. An efficient delivery method for the dry cement was required for the operation.

Working collaboratively, Tuthill representatives were able to develop a system utilizing a CP Series model 5003 blower featuring:

  • 15 hp Motor
  • 2500 – 4000 cfm Range
  • 10 – 12 psi Pressure Range

Tuthill CP Series Blower Advantages

Tuthill M-D Pneumatics™ rotary positive displacement blowers combine dependable performance with flexibility as drop-in replacements to fit a wide range of applications. CP Series blowers can be field converted from horizontal to vertical flow, or vice versa, without any special tools or additional components. Advantages include:

Tuthill CP Series  Blower

  • Continuous Power – Delivering up to 20% more power, CP Series offers models now rated up to 18 PSIG discharge pressure or 16” Hg dry vacuum.
  • Constant Protection – Standard on all models, triple lip seals extend the life of the seal and have been shown to provide longer bearing life. Magnetic drain plugs keep
    particles from moving through bearings and seals.
  • Stronger Bearings – All CP Series blowers include double-row ball bearings at the gear end, stronger than single-row ball bearings offered by other manufacturers. Drive
    shaft bearing is cylindrical roller type for additional strength against side loading from V-belt drives. CP Series bearing life is as much as 50% greater than models offered by other
  • Helical Gearing – CP Series blowers are timed with precision helical gears keyed to the rotor shafts, not taper-fit spur gears as offered by other manufacturers which have
    greater backlash, can slip and lose timing. Helical gears are also quieter, reducing mechanical noise.
  • Metric Availability – CP Series blowers are available with metric drive shaft and process connections.
  • Lubrication – Many CP Series models include dual oil splash lubrication at both the gear end and drive end of the blower. Splash lubrication provides for longer bearing and
    seal life through improved heat dissipation versus grease lubrication.
  • Reduced Noise Versions Available – CP Series standard models feature a bi-lobe design with integral shafts. Many models are available with tri-lobe rotors and a specially
    tuned housing to reduce blower noise.

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