Why Partner with Gasho for Your Temperature Control Systems?

Gasho is your experienced source for temperature control system solutions. We work with Delta T Systems, industry-leading temperature control specialist in process temperature control devices. Delta T Systems provides a variety of standard oil and water temperature control units as well as custom design capabilities.

Our water-based and oil-based temperature control systems are currently providing dependable and efficient temperature control in the field for a diverse range of industrial applications. Water-based temperature control systems circulate water through the process application, while oil-based temperature control systems circulate high-temperature heat transfer fluid through the process application.

Water-Based Temperature Control Systems

  • Engineered to perform in industrial processes
  • Temperatures up to 300°F (149°C)
  • Each unit equipped with microprocessor-based PID temperature controls
  • Accurate, reliable, and cost-efficient process temperature accuracy
  • Pumps available from ¾ to 7.5 HP with delivery capacity of 25 to 100 GPM
  • Wide range of heat transfer capability and temperature control in a compact footprint

Oil-Based Temperature Control Systems

  • Perform to specification for applications in numerous industrial control processes
  • Compact series single zone oil circulating units
    • Temperatures up to 300° F (149° C)
    • Small footprint that makes them well-suited for tight spaces
    • 1.5 SQ. ft. heat exchanger provides great cooling capacity
  • T Series hot oil units
    • Temperature control requirements up to 550° F (288°C)
    • Available as single or dual oil zone configuration

The effectiveness of water-based and oil-based temperature control systems is measured by the accuracy and consistency of the heat exchange they provide. When selecting the right temperature control system for an application, buyers should consider factors like energy efficiency and maintenance to determine the best option for their industrial process.

All Gasho temperature control systems are now available with CE certification for export to Europe, or for OEM applications that have worldwide export potential. The off-the-shelf components and controls used in our systems mean owners will not be limited to proprietary, single source component replacement.

Contact us today to discuss your temperature control system needs.