Gasho Partners with CCR Platforming® Fan Technology Leader to Provide Dependable Solutions

CCR Platforming FansContinuous Catalyst Regeneration (CCR)® Platforming is used in oil reforming applications and allows for the continuous regeneration of a controlled quantity of catalyst used in refineries. Gasho serves CCR platforming needs by partnering with Howden Garden City Fan to offer RF2 radial fans.

Garden City RF2 fans are ideally suited for CCR platforming applications. Howden has installed hundreds of fans for CCR Platforming operations around the world. Their latest innovation is specialized fan technology for the newest U.O.P. process – high pressure CCR Platforming.

The Garden City Fan Advantage

A team of highly experienced engineers, designers, and manufacturing partners stands behind Garden City RF2 fans. The most advanced technologies are used to develop Garden City fans, including CAD/CAM, computerized plasma burning machines, CNC lathes, MIG welders, and dynamic balancing equipment. The welding processes used meet the stringent AWS D14.6 standard for rotating machinery.

At the beginning of the fabrication process a testing/traceability procedure is used to check the quality of the alloy rich materials used to fabricate your fans for conventional and high pressure CCR platforming. Throughout the manufacturing process, controlled audit procedures are used to monitor operational efficiency, procedures which are open to customer review and frequently observed by refinery quality assurance inspectors.

Quality Assured

Howden Garden City fans are inspected and tested in accordance with a comprehensive quality assurance and control program, encompassing elements of ASNT TC-1A, ASQ, and ISO 9001-2000 standards. In addition, all air performance and sound testing complies with the standards of AMCA (Air Movement and Control Association) – standards the company helped establish as a charter member of AMCA. They also conduct mechanical run testing to verify mechanical performance. These tests are conducted at temperatures and speeds simulating the actual process conditions and – when applicable – using the actual fan motor.

The Best Fans for CCR Platforming

Developed for conventional and high pressure CCR Platforming applications, Garden City radial fans are engineered to operate efficiently at continuous high speeds and temperatures (typically between 950°F and 1,500°F). RF2 fans are built with rigid double walls, which are packed with high density insulation. This design provides safety benefits in addition to preventing heat loss. These direct driven fans are engineered for long service life and superior performance. Standard design features include a custom developed monoblock bearing assembly, nitrogen purged shaft seal, and shrouded fan wheel.

A variety of bearing lubrication methods, such as static oil, forced lubrication, or oil mist lubrication can be used with the Monoblock Bearing assembly. Temperature and vibration monitoring systems can be added to assure long term protection and reliability for the Monoblock Bearing assembly.

Howden Garden City high pressure CCR Platforming fans are very stable, with most models featuring 0.5″ thick casing, bracing on 6″ centers, rigid sub-base mounting, tight anchors on the inlet, and anvils in the housing to resist forces. All Garden City high pressure CCR platforming fans are built and tested to withstand 150 psi of hydrostatic pressure.

Looking for a knowledgeable and highly experienced source for CCR platforming fans? Gasho is ready to meet your needs!