Five Vacuum Pump Solutions

Gasho specializes in engineering blower and vacuum packages and custom solutions for a broad range of industries and applications. In developing industrial vacuum pump systems, we consider a number of specific application factors including:

  • Flow Requirements
  • Pressure Requirements (Vacuum/Pressure)
  • Gas Composition
  • Inlet Temperature
  • Ambient Temperature
  • Operating Altitude of Pump

Our team is highly experienced in designing industrial vacuum pump solutions that span a diverse spectrum of needs. We are particularly adept in applications that involve unique specifications and environments that require an inventive approach.

An authorized manufacturer representative for industry leader, Tuthill Vacuum & Blower, we offer five Kinney® vacuum pump solutions to meet a wide variety of requirements:

  1. Rotary Piston Vacuum PumpsKT Single Stage Rotary Piston Pump
    Our line of oil-sealed piston pumps includes a wide range of sizes in both single stage and compound pump design. The design of these rotary piston vacuum pumps give them low blank off, high pumping speeds at low pressures and great durability. Design options include:

    • KT series vacuum pumps
    • KC series vacuum pumps
    • KTC series vacuum pumps
    • KD series vacuum pumps
    • KDH series vacuum pumps

  3. Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps2 Stage KLRC Liquid Ring
    Our reliable vacuum pumps are an ideal choice for meeting the vacuum requirements of many industrial applications. The pumps use liquid as the sealing media, making them an excellent choice for wet processes including filtration, drying, condenser exhausting, and distillation. Design options include:

    • AF series vacuum pumps
    • KLRC vacuum pumps

  5. Dry Screw Vacuum PumpsSDV Dry Screw
    Kinney dry screw vacuum pumps offer industry leading performance at near atmosphere with faster pump down times that reduce batch times and roughing for leak detection. Design options include:

    • SDV series vacuum pumps

  7. Rotary Vane Vacuum PumpsRotary Vane KVA
    Rotary vane vacuum pumps are a great choice for clean or moderately contaminated applications that involve suction filters that are fitted to the pump. Direct driven motors and integral oil mist eliminators are some of the features available with Kinney rotary vane vacuum pumps. Design options include:

    • KVA series vacuum pumps

  9. Vacuum Boosters
    Kinney high performance vacuum boosters are used to enhance vacuum pump performance to levels that meet the requirements of many industrial applications. Vacuum boosters offer significantly faster pumping speeds and deeper vacuum levels. Design options include:

    • KMBD series vacuum boosters

The Gasho team is here to assist you by developing a vacuum pump solution that addresses all application factors and best meets your needs. Contact us to discuss your project!