Applied Acoustical Group Noise Control Solutions

Applied Acoustical Grouptall noise enclosure from Applied Acoustical GroupGasho has long been your trusted source for process air and gas handling applications. We recently announced that Gasho has joined forces with Applied Acoustical Group, who specializes in architectural noise control solutions. Included in their product offerings are acoustical panels, enclosures, sound walls, acoustical curtains and much more.

Our partnership with Applied Acoustical Group gives us the opportunity to offer a larger variety of products and custom engineered enclosure solutions. Additional features like fire and gas detection, explosion proof electrical components and more, can be added upon request. Standard enclosures are modularly designed with easy access panels, sight windows, and ventilation systems that ensure the equipment is operating properly and can be easily accessed for maintenance.

Our package solutions often require sound and weather enclosures to meet the strictest noise control requirements, while providing optimal protection from the damaging effects of harsh weather. Reduce OSHA paperwork through compliance and increase equipment longevity!

We are happy to expand our relationships with quality manufacturers, our capabilities and our product offerings, allowing us the opportunity to better serve our customers. Contact us to discuss your needs!