Addressing Landfill Gas Issues with the Right Blowers

LandfillLandfill gas can be a serious issue, not only for landfills, but for homes and businesses located in close proximity to the landfill area. Landfill gases are produced when bacteria break down organic waste. The amount of these gases depends on the variety of waste in the landfill, the age of the landfill, oxygen content, amount of moisture present, and temperature.

Objectionable odors of landfill gas are caused by ammonia and hydrogen sulfide, identifiable by its rotten egg smell. Other problem landfill gases are methane and carbon dioxide, colorless and odorless gases that can displace oxygen in enclosed spaces. Methane is also highly flammable and can be explosive.

Tuthill Rotary Positive Displacement Blowers are widely used to solve the problems associated with landfill gas by converting the gas to energy. The blowers help to collect and move gas, which is generally gathered under a slight vacuum and discharged into a header. This header feeds the landfill gas as a fuel to a special natural gas engine, which drives the generators that actually convert the gas into electricity. The gas is used to power the landfill operations or sold to a utility provider.

Gasho has other sources for effective solutions in the pretreatment and management of landfill gas. For the treatment of hydrogen sulfide, options include dry media or environmentally friendly Biofilters. For higher levels of hydrogen sulfide, Gasho can offer a Hybrid Wet/Dry Biogas Treatment.

Also available are Thermal Oxidizers with RTOs, which provide an effective alternative to flares for destruction of excess gas.

Gasho develops complete gas treatment systems for landfills and other gas management applications. Contact us to discuss your environment and requirements, and we will get to work on a solution for you!